Birthday Collage by Shauna

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From Debi, Brewerton, Washington USA

Dorienne Plait, Maryland, USA

t the next blessed year.

From Lina

I would like to wish, from the bottom of my heart, vitas a wonderful and happy birthday.
Your music has touched the lives of so many people including my own. You have given millions of fans inspiration and hope. May you continue to enlightened the hearts of those around you and encourage people to always SMILE. I wish that you receive much love on your Birthday, and that you find true happiness in all that you do.

This is a picture that I absolutely adore of vitas! I didn't get to finish it yet but I figure I'd send it in with a birthday wish. I hope everyone likes it!

Love, Joanna

From: U.S. , Philadelphia PA



I love your music and hope to see you soon in the USA.


Happy Birthday, Vitas!

Vicky, Kentucky USA


Have a Great Birthday!

Sofia. USA


forever love

—— to My prince
There are starts in the starry river
All of them are in the name of miss
Can you see my miss?

A bird with happiness lucky health and my good wishes
It is fling toward you
Can you catch the bird?

I believe you can
I believe my miss you can know

I never felt noting in the world like this before
Now I’m miss you and I’m wishing
I would get closer to you

I know it’s lonely what it to be
So dear ,I will love you forever
Cause I don’t know what else I can do

Don’t tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life
So dear , I will love you forever

I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I will love you forever

Dear , I love you
If it’s the last thing I can do
I love you !

Wily, China



From: Evana and Fiona, Taiwan


Video Greetings:

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Dedication from Ling-MA. USA (with Zui Chen's vocals)


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From Colby-NC. USA


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From Fiona-Taiwan


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