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Vitas, modern operatic pop singer, performing in Vancouver, Feb 3

Jan 22

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1/22/2011  RssIcon

By Sara Star.
Vancouver - Simply known as Vitas across Europe, Asia, Russia and China, Vitaliy Grachyov has been dubbed the man with the diamond voice, an angelic sound that is difficult to categorize.
His music is mixed with classical, techno, jazz and “popopera”, appealing to both young and old. From solid opera to pop sci-fi, and everything else in between, Vitas is expected to provide endless hours of entertainment.
A man of mystery, Vitas is protective of his private life. Instead he generously bares his soul in his songs. The boy-next-door smile and natural gift of flare have left many international audiences spellbound.
Vitas’ melodies often paint a picture of human suffering. He sings about the painter, blind from birth, who paints life without ever seeing what he has accomplished. He sadly portrays an old woman wearing a tattered coat - once a famous diva- now old and broke. His songs are about life; of yearning lovers, regrets, and of childhood dreams amid cherry orchards, populars, and autumn leaves. These are just a few examples of his many compositions.
From humble beginnings starting in Latvia and Odessa, Vitas continues to write his own songs residing in Moscow now. His talent is compelling enough that he became one of the few foreigners asked to sing at the opening of the Chinese Olympics in 2008 in the presence of 91,000 people. Still he remained humble enough to provide a charity concert a year later, to help the victims of the Sichuan earthquake that killed more than 68,000 people. Mommy and Son, draws out the haunting pain of losing a child. How can one put it in words?
I am scared mommy. The fallen wall is getting heavier.
He sang The Star in the midst of the twisted ruble, revisiting their struggle, as if his own, while at the same time bringing renewed hope.
How many roads need I walk? How many peaks need I climb before I find my own self? I’ll wait just a bit longer before setting off towards my dreams again? Meanwhile, don’t burn out, My Star. Just wait for me.
He, like many of us, asks: does life make sense when there is so much strife around us? His message is hopeful. Despite everything, life does have much happiness to offer.
Smile and your sorrow will pass. Smile and you will see how everything changes.
Vitas’ voice spans 5 octaves, including one of the highest falsetto around. His most popular song Opera #2 showcases both his writing and vocal ability, with which his popularity first began nine years ago when he became the youngest singer (21 at the time) to perform at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.
Vitas, performed only once before in Canada (Toronto, 2003). With the insistence of loyal fans, he is now coming back. The Toronto concert is already sold out, but there is a still a chance to get some good seats in Vancouver, playing at the River Rock Show Theater at the Casino Resort in Richmond, BC.

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