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Vitas - Collection of Articles, Interviews, etc.
By diane on 11/25/2012
 Vitas gives and interview in his home, with his beloved wife and daughter.
By diane on 1/2/2012
  The article says that Vitas co-wrote "War Veterans" with the famous poet Samson. It also says that the video of the song was made by Vitas himself. 
By diane on 1/22/2011


Vitas, modern operatic pop singer, performing in Vancouver, Feb 3

By diane on 9/28/2010

1999 Awards from Odessa hit parade.  This is just a list, but an interesting piece of Vitas history Source:


By diane on 7/5/2010

Ди-джей Груврайдер сделал презентацию трека Витаса «Звезда»