Vitas recieves so many awards and honorary invitations that I decided to make a separate page to list them along with relevant links.   I know there are many missing..I will add them as I find them.  If anyone wants to let me know of any I missed, please email me at

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2009-Vitas tops the list for "Name of Russia" poll.   This is an informal poll.  But it is a great display of Vitas' popularity and loyalty of his fans that he is Number One for all of Russia with 716,108 votes.   See the list at  More information about this poll can be found at:

A Great Charity Concert in China
Maestro Vitas and Mr Pudovkin have received the invitation to take part in a national concert in memory of the earthquake victims in 2008.

Letter of Invitation
 Dear Mr Vitas and Mr Pudovkin S.
With our respect, we are writing this Invitation Letter to you. On May, 12, 2008, strong earthquake jolts Sichuan. The massive 8.0-magnitude earthquake and more than 40,000 aftershocks left more than 69,000 people dead, 374,000 injured, 5,000,000 homeless... The unexpected disaster shocked the world.
Exactly a year after on May, 12, 2009, we are going to give a Great Charity Concert "Hope - Meet in Du Jiang Yan" in the world non-material cultural heritage Du Jiang Yan (nearby Wen Chuan) in Sichuan province. We hope that by holding such a concert we could console the people who have suffered in the huge disaster and lost their beloved relatives, not only heal their hearts, but also bring confidence and strength to them.
 Your music, your humanitarian work and magnanimous acts have deeply moved us.
We are honored to invite you to attend and make performance in this charity concert as distinguished guest artist. This concert will be co-sponsored by the China Youth Care Foundation and China International Culture & Arts Co., and will be broadcasted by international and internal media including CCTV, SMG, Sichuan TV etc.
China Youth Care Foundation
China International Culture & Arts Co
April, 10th, 2009

With deep respect, Vitas will take part in this action.
We present our condolences to all injured people.
Vitas, Sergey Pudovkin

Dear friends!
World Student Winter Games - 2009.
The Opening Ceremony.
Live broadcast from China


The Organizing Committee for 24th World Student Winter Games sincerely invites Mr. Vitas to performance at the Opening ceremony, which will be held on 18th Feb 2009 in Harbin. The name of the ceremony is “Youth and Future”.
Sex Symbol of Russia
Who is a sex symbol of Russia?
Such public opinion poll took place in Russia during 2008.
VITAS is a sex symbol 2008
according to the results of the national polling of Russian citizens.
mass media
The best album 2008!
Online voting in a nomination "POP-TOP" is completed with a victory of Vitas'album
February 2008:   "Russian Citizen Of The Year"
The National Prize of the public recognition of Russian Citizens' acievements.
The Best Album 2007
Dear friends!
Online voting "The Best Album of the Year" is completed with a victory of Vitas' new album
"Crane's Crying.
Return Home - 2"
Thanks for your support!
You are the best!

The Best Album 2006
"Return Home"